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Downton Abbey Drabbles
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Drabbles and ficlets for the characters from Downton Abbey
This community is for the posting of drabbles and ficlets using the characters from the Downton Abbey television series.

All characters are welcome. This is a multi-character/multi-shipper community.

Drabbles and ficlets must be 300 words or less.

Please ensure you use appropriate headers which include ratings, characters, pairing, spoilers and warnings (if applicable) when posting a fic.

Please place your fic under a LJ cut.

If your fic contains dubcon, torture, graphic sex or bdsm, please ensure you give an appropriate warning. We do not allow non-con, bestiality or use of bodily excrements to be used in a sexual nature in these fics. We will not accept fics written about the actors of the series. If you are unsure, please contact one of the mods. Fics that are considered inappropriate will be deleted by the mods.

We encourage the use of a beta.

We no longer consider the need for a spoiler alert for Seasons One or Two (including the Christmas Special). Spoilers will once again be enforced when Season Three is aired in the UK.

This community will issue a prompt or challenge fortnightly. Please use the appropriate tag if posting for these prompts/challenges. Drabbles may be posted that do not relate to the current prompt/challenge. We welcome suggestions for challenges and prompts. Please contact the mods with your ideas!

Longer fic can be posted at lovebelowstairs (for the downstairs characters) or downton_abbey.

Please contact bsg_aussiegirl or nixmom if you have any questions.

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